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Welcome and thankyou for taking the time to look over the site.

Who is Finding Grace Photography?  Well in it’s simplest form it’s Michelle Brannan, a photographer and believer of being true to myself and others in everything I do. I’m loved and supported by an equally big hearted husband, german shorthaired pointer, greyhound, thoroughbred and two quarter horses (you may just see some of them in the gallery below).

Why the name Finding Grace? Because the more I delve into the human animal relationships the more I realise there is to explore. The constant finding is so enjoyable and valuable to me as an individual. There’s also a dual meaning which involves the beautiful soul on this homepage but that story is maybe for another time.

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And lastly why Photography? Well who doesn’t love being around animals - if you don’t then I’m guessing you’re looking at the wrong website!? Their unique ability to constantly bring out the best in us or to make us want to be the best person we can be. Their knack of making us forget about everything else because the here and now with them is much more enjoyable. I see this all the time down the lens of the camera, the quiet moments, when you’re just so wrapped up in the moment and the love just overflows. There is a special magic at work in the relationship between different species, the selflessness that this bond allows. I feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to witness and capture these moments and to provide you with a momento of these memories.

I hope the site gives you an idea of the type of moments I endeavour to capture in my photography and that you have enjoyed the visit. I appreciate you having taken the time to look around.


If you would like more information contact me today!