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Equine Portraits & Partners

The process & how it works

The contact call is the best place for you to ask me anything you’re unsure about and for me to understand your specific requirements. I’ll ask you lots of questions about your horse – don’t stress all easy ones like their colouring, temperament, likes, dislikes. And just in case you’re wondering I love everything about all of them! I’ll get to understand your bond & whether you want your partner to be the star of the photoshoot or whether they’d like to share the limelight with you. And whether anyone else wants to come join the fun.

Providing you’re happy we can then schedule the photoshoot for a day and time to suit. Obviously photographing in natural light we’ll have to keep an eye on the weather – generally nobody likes being soggy and if we’re in a barn or under cover, gale force winds probably aren’t going to give us that dreamy, relaxed look.

So once the appointment is made I come to where you want to capture the memories. It’s important that both you & your four-legged partner are happy in the chosen environment, if you’re in doubt about a particular setting from a photographic perspective let me know & I can go check it out. The most important consideration is the comfort of you & the horse, get this sorted and everything else falls into place. Some of the more common places I’ve captured are at home, down the beach, favourite trail riding spots and at small clinics. You name the place & I’ll see you and your partner there.

​My experience & understanding of light and horses will mean that I’ll spend about an hour with you to get you a collection of images. If you’d like the photo shoot to involve you & your equine partner but you’re worried about being in front of the camera please don’t be, it’s rare I have a human look directly at me whilst I’m shooting. I generally capture you when you’re looking at your partner & you don’t even know I’ve got you.

After the shoot and depending on your location I’ll talk to you about either accessing your Collection in a private album online or arranging a revisit for me to reveal your Collection. This generally takes no more than a week from your Photo shoot.

And don’t worry there is a product for every budget. There are just oodles of print and product combinations available ranging from small sized, quality printed images, through to larger canvas, alumalux, acrylic blocks and even stone prints. I can show you examples of each of these. I can also talk to you about digital images.